GHfind is a grassroots website design and hosting initiative based in Ghana, West Africa. We design the sites ourselves but host through third parties. We can design and host websites for as low as ₵600GH ($135), though sites that require more-advanced services like premium software, research & development, complex graphic design or individual (as opposed to shared) hosting can cost more. We also provide back-office, virtual-assistance, social-media and transcription support.


GHfind actually began in 2016 as "Krobofind", an internet-marketing website based in Kroboland (Somanya), Ghana. The goal of that project was to get the contact information of every business in Kroboland into an online-searchable database, and the vision for that undertaking has since expanded to include every business in or catering to Ghana (that wishes to participate) and is now called the GHfind Phonebook, with an anticipated database (featuring most of the businesses in Ghana) completion date being May 2021, which will mark the 5th-year anniversary from when Krobofind was founded. In the name of income generation however the primary focus of GHfind has shifted from (contact) data collection to website design.


Although most of the web designing is done by GHfind's Founder and Webmaster, Malcolm A. Whetstone, we do employ others such as graphic designers, data collectors, videographers and specialists in particular programs when the need arises. Most of our hosting is done through D-Tech Ghana, a reliable web-hosting company based in Kumasi that offers affordable rates.


As it stands now the primary goal of GHfind is to design affordable websites for micro, small and medium-sized businesses here in Ghana and abroad since the cost of such services are often too high for many of them employ, and our hope is that even those Ghanaian businesses who do not wish to have an individualized multimedia presence on the web will at least benefit from having their contact information in the Phonebook.